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Workshop Facilities

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Our Workshop is fully equipped with equipment and machinery to bring your ideas to life.

Our wood working machine shop is equipped with modern and traditional equipment:

  • S.C.M. 5 Cutter: giving a single pass dimension and timber molding facility for all
  • Hard and soft woods.
  • S.C.M. Spindle Molder
  • S.C.M. Wide belt finishing sander
  • S.C.M. Machine scribe and tennon head unit
  • Large 610-mm Rip saw
Workshop Exterior
Workshop Interior

Joinery Workshop

Our joinery workshop is equipped with many C.N.C. controlled machines backed up with all the traditional machines that you would except to find in a busy joinery facility.

Our CNC Machines:

  • 2016 SCM PRATIX S15 B C.N.C. 3 AXIS Router. Using 2016 SCM maestro software we can design the parts to be machined in a virtual 3D drawing before simulating the cutting procedure, this allows us to check for errors without wasting materials
  • C.N.C. Cut off saw and trenching unit
  • 1300mm Rip Altendorf Panel saw
  • 2016 1300mm SCM Class Si400EP Sliding Table panel saw
  • 2016 SCM K560 Automated edgebander

Waste Management

RD Shopfitting Ltd are registered and licensed waste carriers. We minimize landfill with our Biomass incinerator and shredders which processes all our burnable waste into heat for our workshop.

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